shipping policy

A buyer will be understood as any person who purchases any product offered by Amarra2 on the website.

Products for sale

  • The products are for sale on the website; The buyer must pay the full price before shipment and purchases at his own risk.
  • Excepting the cash on delivery method. In which case, the amount will be paid at the time of delivery.
  • All information about the products is on the website, each product will include details about its characteristics.
  • The photos of the products are representations, the products may have variations to the photos on the website.

Products with Advance Sale

  • Amarra2 sometimes offers advance purchase promotions. In this type of purchase, the customer receives a discount for making a purchase in advance of the arrival of the product.
  • Since Amarra2 we create unique and limited designs, this makes our production a little slower and we cannot have the supply in a matter of days.
  • For this reason, customers are offered the option to reserve the product in advance.
  • By making the purchase, you accept that the product will be sent to you at the time of its arrival at our warehouses.


  • Shipments made to the Peninsula will be sent through companies such as Correos Express, CTT or other similar agencies.
  • For international shipments, it will be sent by UPS, Correos, DHL or other similar agencies.
  • The buyer will indicate the destination address as specific as possible and with the greatest amount of detail, it is his responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the data for the shipment, therefore, if the product does not reach its true destination, by mistake in the supply of the address by the buyer, no change or return will be made, nor will any administrative management be carried out to correct the address.
  • If the error in the shipping data is attributable to Amarra2, all the necessary actions will be carried out so that the product reaches the buyer at no additional cost any.
  • If the buyer wishes the shipment to be made to a place other than the one previously indicated, he must send an email to, in order to verify the conditions and cost of the shipment.