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Wavegarden arrives in the Canary Islands

Wavegarden llega a Canarias

Wavegarden will open two facilities in the Canary Islands. This was confirmed by Fernando Odriozola, co-founder of Wavegarden, during the Surf Industry forum held in Las Palmas last Friday, October 7.

Fernando did not give more details about the promoters of the projects or the specific location of the facilities, but he did confirm in his presentation that one of the facilities will be on the island of Gran Canaria.



Wavegarden continues to bet on developing technologies to minimize the energy consumption of wave production, creating its own energy to supply its facilities, and limiting water consumption with highly advanced recycling and purification systems.

Wavegarden will be a driving force in the effort that the islands are making to boost a surf industry that creates jobs and is sustainable.



For Fernando «having a good wave pool in a surfing destination like the Canary Islands, where you can practice in pleasant weather conditions throughout the year, is a unique opportunity. Surfers always have the possibility to surf in the pool and in the sea. Many have only one week to go to a surfing destination and they want to make sure they are going to have waves.»

In addition, Wavegarden is capable of producing waves continuously and admitting up to 80 surfers per hour, with a cost per wave that is certainly cheap, so the pool will be a space where there will be opportunities for all groups, surf schools, adapted surfing and Low occupancy times will also be reserved for surfers without economic means.